Use bpipe with Bacula

Use bpipe with Bacula



I use bpipe to backup ProxMox VM. The *.vma files is transfer to Bacula and save disk space on hypervisor.

The plugin bpipe is installed in default bacula instalation.
1. Make a script in the bacula machine:


echo "bpipe:/var/100-vm.vma:/usr/bin/vzdump 100 --quiet --stdout --mode suspend:/usr/sbin/qmrestore - 100 --force"

Bpipe script have unlimited possibilities, see
2. Make a Fileset in bacula-dir.conf file:

Fileset {
  Name = "100-vm-Fileset"
  Include {
    Plugin = "\\|/path/to/script/"

3. Make Job with new Fileset and run it in bconsole:

run job=100-vm-job

4. Restore VM whit use bconsole:

restore jobid=282

Restore job make reconstruction VM, no recover *.vma file!

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