Lokalne repozytorium ISO (local ISO image storage repository)

Lokalne repozytorium ISO (local ISO image storage repository)


I. Create a store directory:
mkdir -p /var/opt/ISO_IMAGES
xe sr-create name-label=ISO_IMAGES_LOCAL type=iso device-config:location=/var/opt/ISO_IMAGES device-config:legacy_mode=true content-type=iso

The output of last command is UUID you need. If you dont copy UUID, you can call command xe sr-list to find UUID. UUID looks like c395d188-3c1e-c334-748b-dd699420a3b1.

II. Auto refresh store:
cd /root/
touch refresh-ISO_IMAGES.sh
chmod 770 refresh-ISO_IMAGES.sh

Edit file refresh-ISO_IMAGES.sh and enter this code:
xe sr-scan uuid=c395d188-3c1e-c334-748b-dd699420a3b1

Add to Cron:
Edit file /etc/crontab and add this line on end of file:
*/5 * * * * root /root/refresh-ISO_IMAGES.sh
This make refresh every 5 minutes.

III. Send ISO files to storage:
Use a regular FTP/SFTP client like FileZilla or WinSCP.

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