Windows 10 Doesn’t See Drives – Solving Installation Issues on Dell Precision T3600

Windows 10 Doesn’t See Drives – Solving Installation Issues on Dell Precision T3600

Recently, I encountered a rather unusual problem while installing Windows 10 on a Dell Precision T3600 computer. During the installation process, the Windows installer was unable to identify any of the hard drives mounted in the computer. On the motherboard, there were two types of connectors: “HDD” and “SATA”, numbered from 0 to 2 and from 0 to 1 respectively.

Regardless of many attempts, none of my three drives (two HDDs and one SSD) were visible to the Windows installer. After extensive research, I concluded that connectors labelled as “HDD” are used for RAID configurations, and “SATA” connectors are ordinary ones, which are normally visible to the Windows installer.

I decided to install Windows 10 on the SSD by connecting it to the SATA connector. Despite successful installation, the system still couldn’t detect the HDD drives.

I found the solution to this issue, which involved enabling RAID function in the BIOS and installing SAS drivers. After these changes, all drives were correctly detected and available in the system.

In summary, if you ever encounter a similar problem with Windows 10 installation on Dell Precision T3600 computers, check the configuration of connectors on the motherboard and remember about SAS drivers and RAID configuration. Although it may seem complicated, the steps above helped me solve the problem and they might also help you.

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